The Principals of MacArthur Holdings have developed, owned, and operated real estate for half a century. Working primarily in the New York Metropolitan area, MacArthur’s portfolio includes diverse properties, from residential low rise walk-up housing to elegant pre-war apartment houses. In recent years MacArthur has developed commercial property in Manhattan’s recently revitalized Meat-Packing district, luxury residential and dormitory facilities in the West Village, and multifamily apartment houses in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan. MacArthur’s most recent project is a newly constructed condominium located on the northeast corner of 110th Street and Broadway near Columbia University.

MacArthur is an “opportunistic investor,” constantly seeking to enhance the return on invested capital, in some cases retaining long-term ownership of property, other times selling property either in bulk or through Coop or Condominium conversion.

MacArthur’s offices are located in the Beacon Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The Beacon is a 319 key hotel owned and operated by MacArthur, along with several prominent New York City real estate families, since 1964.

Outside the New York Area, MacArthur, together with local partners, has developed a portfolio of commercial and industrial properties in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area and a portfolio of garden apartment style complexes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.